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Loving me, loving you


Loving me is eating avocados, is studying Feng Shui, is loving my grandchildren and being proud of my children, is my neighbours, my friends and colleagues and particularly my students for they represent me and I have great pride in their achievements. Loving me is taking time out for a massage, loving me is walking in nature, loving me is eating well, loving me is spending holidays in a great Koh Samui villa …. and so the list grows.

Bottom line is, do you take the time to love you? We all have an equally long list of responsibilities, obligations, commitments, sacrifices and compromises. All just as valuable a contribution to our whole being …… and still we must not forget the self!

Taking care of others is Yang chi, giving out. Taking care of the self is yin chi, receiving. Each needs the other. A fundamental rule as basic as the birds and the bees, for if yin and yang never came together there would never be any more us as there would be no more next generation. This is a fact in all aspects of life. For more information check out

So the moral of the story is to retain the balance. Loving you is all about sustaining your stamina, without which you can never support anyone else anyway.

Understanding yin and yang