The Grace of the Environment

Bradgate Park Leicestershire                                                                     Family home of Lady Jane Grey 1537-1554                                    The 9 days Queen of England: 

The great granddaughter of Henry V11, Lady Jane Grey was named as successor to Edward V1, having been nominated by the dying King. She reigned at the age of 16 for only 9 days, July 10-19th 1553, when she was deposed by Mary Tudor after a political crisis and an embittered competition for the throne. Lady Jane Grey was detained in the Tower of London where she was beheaded 12:02:1554: almost 500 years ago.  

Legend has it, on this very sad occasion her father,Henry Grey, instructed the foresters of Bradgate Park to “behead” the oak trees on the estate to commemorate her. These same trees still stand to this day and bare witness to the tragedy having only grown in girth and never vertically. Some of these trees now have a hollow trunk but their roots are firm and their leaves continue to bloom every year. Lady Jane’s spirit lives on. This is the connection and Grace of the Environment and the Power of a Strong Root.

Feng Shui is about the philosophy of nature, understands the strength of its support and how it can work to support your life. 

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