Summer Season


Lap Ha: The 1st Day of Summer:

Today is the first day of the summer season in the Chinese calendar and the energy is full of promise. The Dragon month has now been left behind as we have moved into the month of the Snake this morning. The Snake is full of surprises so be prepared for a month of opportunities.

In order to ensure your progress today you need to bare a true heart, as only then will the people recognise your sincerity that in turn can bring a resolution to your problems. The energy is immature and fragile so respect the fact that these are early steps. You need to gather your team and focus on one thing at a time. If you can do this then you can change your luck, ignore this and you risk everything you have.  The main focus needs to be on quality and not quantity. Prioritising is the key and it is vital to protect your assets as this is too soon to think about making investments.

with best wishes

Master Kay Tom 05:05:20