Rising to the Challenge


Just in case we missed the message of the energy of this month that came in on June 5th today represents exactly the same energy – communication, establishing the links and laying your cards on the table in total honesty. Speaking openly and standing in your truth  is the only way forward in clearing up stagnant energy that has been holding you back. Today is a day to proceed humbly and to establish your foothold to a proseperous future so be confident in all you say. The best appraoch is to strengthen your skills, sharpen your conduct 100% and use it to benefit others. Like attracts like and this is your future we are talking about so be what you want to be.

Adapt to your surroundings, rise to your challenges, be gracious and act appropriately and you will be successful.

 with best wishes

Master Kay Tom: 08:06:20: http://www.theenergyspecialist.com