I was out walking through the local park with my dog recently marvelling at the wonders of Nature and thinking about energy and the tools we have at our disposal to use in order to sense and see the Chi. I was looking at the habits of the deer and the wildlife in the park and at the changing landscape at the onset of Autumn. I walk this park regularly and yet I never see the same view twice. Nature is ever changing and transforming and the beauty never ceases to thrill me.

As is often the case I was carrying my camera so on seeing a child with a tub of soap suds blowing the largest bubbles I have ever seen I grabbed the opportunity to record the event and my camera was soon busy photographing the action. The picture above is the resulting image. To say I was astounded at the result is an understatement. The landscape that the bubble is reflecting is also mirrored within the simple body of soap solution hence we see a reflection of a reflection.


Suddenly I had a ‘light bulb’ moment. Of course this is how a kwa works when we reverse the energy or when we use another tool such as a parent looking after the children or when we try to comprehend the connection between site and facing energies. The original image is unchanged and the resulting image simple, clear and connected just as this one is. I would also add and an image that is stunningly beautiful. It’s our minds that make the movement of energy within a kwa so much more complicated.

I hope this picture helps you with the concepts of the movement of energy and the advanced principles of Chue Style Feng Shui studies. Understanding Nature is our business so I would encourage you to get out there in this new season with your camera and see what pops up for you too. Nature is full of surprises.