Living the Old Ways


At the AGM of The Chue Foundation in Rome 09 I made a presentation of my China Tour photographs and passed a comment about the people of Hunan Province living in an Early Heaven Sequence style. A number of people have asked me to quantify this comment so this is my endeavour in this piece.

This is the quality of Chue Style Feng Shui – we work entirely with Nature, as Nature intended. Early Heaven Sequence is simple and it is balanced so with this we find a peace and a quiet acceptance of our circumstances without greed or desire for something someone else may have. The skill comes in recognising the energy that is available to you and to use it to the best of your ability. A few years ago I had the good fortune to spend New Year’s Ever with Grand Master Chan and a few friends and had planned a celebration meal and an evening together in the warmth of his home. In the early evening there was an electrical power cut to all of the homes in the region so no cooking facility, no lighting and no central heating. Did this spoil our evening – of course not? A generous neighbour bought in a cooking stove which provided light, heating and hot food and a wonderfully happy evening was spent around the kitchen table playing Mah Jong with no television in sight.

Late Heaven Sequence living would not have coped in the same way. Late Heaven Sequence is a consequence of Man’s intervention. It has been created by Man in his infinite wisdom but if you look at the seating of the trigrams in the LHS there is no consistent pattern as there is with the EHS. In EHS all the couple trigrams sit opposite to each other, the Father sits at the head of the table in the South, the Mother supporting him and sitting opposite in the North. The Father figure held respect in the EHS. In LHS the family is scattered. All the female trigrams sit together around the South sector and the male trigrams sit together around the North sector. The Father has lost his status and commands less respect. This is the way of LHS living and the way of the world in general today – a world of utter confusion and a lack of direction and greed and envy that knows no bounds. Today Man is totally reliant on technology so the New Year’s Eve party without the disco and strobe lighting would have been a disaster.

We are currently living in the age of the 8 fate, the 1st son Thunder fate. As we know, Thunder comes quickly and is known to instigate great change. His actions are sudden and strong and there is nothing that can be done against the power of his force. Indeed during this 8 fate we have witnessed many changes not least of which is Man’s greater respect for the environment. We are leaning to recycle and move away from the throw away society of the Late Heaven living. In the current economic climate people are ceasing from chasing material goals and spending more time in their garden producing food for the family thus moving back towards the qualities of the EHS living as Nature intended.

The 9 fate is fast approaching. When creating a hexagram for 9 fate all lines change and so it is that we can expect even greater changes during this 27 year period. The changes of energy that the 8 fate has created will be continued through the 9 fate and onwards back to the 1st fate Back to the beginning of the cycle of fates, the slow energy of the 1st fate and the Early Heaven Sequence style of living. I wish you a very pleasant journey working with the most natural tool available to help guide and propel people through these changes – that tool being


Bringing Late Heaven and Early Heaven Together

as Nature knows best