The Transformation


  • Are you finding it difficult to move on after the end of a relationship?
  • Do you hold onto old energy?
  • Would you like the opportunity to transform this old energy

Letting go of a broken relationship or the despair of the loss of a loved one can be one of the greatest challenges of your life. Partly this is due to the helpless feeling of there simply being nothing you can do to change the situation you have found yourself in. Added to this you can often start to throw blame at the self for what you see as your short comings and inadequacies as far as your ability in preventing the current circumstances are concerned. The self doubt and lack of self worth can take you on a downward spiral where the world feels heavy and joy sits on a distant shore.

The good news is IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT

Today the thought makes me laugh but for years I believed there was something wrong within me that was causing the infidelities in my marriage. In truth I didn’t even come into the equation in any way, shape or form for the extra marital relationships were due to an attraction between two people and that was nothing to do with me. What a revelation that was for me, to think that actually I am OK and hadn’t done anything to bring this situation on for myself.

Accepting this realisation is your tipping point, much like the alcoholic who at his first AA meeting has to stand up and say ‘my name is Joe and I am an alcoholic’.

Simply by verbalising his condition in this way Jo is able to put his thoughts out into the atmosphere to be transformed through the vibration of the words. He has taken responsibility for himself so thus is on the road to recovery and the only way for him now is up. Transforming the old energy is the key to success to a bright new future. It takes some commitment and a lot of hard work but if you can stay focused the changes can start to develop in a very short space of time and the beautiful new butterfly can emerge from her shell.

Understanding energy flows and their direct effect on our lives can help us to identify blockages that are holding back our progress. Why continue day after day, week after week and month after month in a state of mourning over the end of a relationship when there is a bright new world just around the corner? The pain is simply the effort needed by the chrysalis to break through her shell and transform into a beautiful butterfly.

One of the most common areas of the home for holding onto old energy, particularly regarding matters of the heart, is the kitchen which of course we all know as the heart of the home. Loving the self has to be of paramount importance at this time so a fridge stacked with stale and out of date food will not be reflecting this. Put the love back into your life, clean the fridge to a pristine condition and then fill it with delights that make your heart soar when you open the door.

10 tips for breaking through the shell

  • clean all sticky areas of the kitchen, especially waste bins, extractor fans and fronts and tops of cupboards
  • clean out the filters on the washing machine, dishwasher and vacuum cleaner
  • clean the oven to a pristine state
  • clean out the contents of the fridge, especially out of date food and love yourself with new food and good nutrition
  • clean out the cupboards and discard out of date food
  • ensure all appliances are in perfect working order
  • make the kitchen a beautiful place to be by giving it some flowers and new life
  • give a supper party and sit in the kitchen if possible
  • if finances allow buy yourself a new kitchen
  • give thanks for the lesson for every cloud has a silver lining and something good will come out of the experience

Do all this and you will be amazed at the amount of dirt and grim you move. Even more amazing you will find aches and pains such as tooth and joint aches will disappear as this pain is no more than stale energy that is holding on through the fear of the unknown. Embrace that fear for the momentum it can bring to a new experience. Just think of yourself sitting by a swimming pool staring into the water. How would it be if you had never dipped your toe into that pool? Life is for Living. Enjoy it.


It is a natural phenomenon that the tide always returns

70% of this earth is water, indeed 70% of your body is also water, and it is therefore no surprise to learn that you are directly affected by the ebb and flow of the tides.

Keeping your thoughts positive and seeing the best in every circumstance is paramount to a happy outcome to your challenging situation. Each day heralds a new dawn and the opportunity of a new beginning so why not embrace it and give thanks.

Think of yourself as a muscle clinging to a rock in bright sunlight waiting patiently for the tide to return. When the tide does come and the muscle is once again submerged in the beautiful crystal clear waters of the ocean she opens her arms, embraces the moment, and dances again.

For the time being the best policy is to ensure you stay strong. One of the most valuable things you can do to support this is to get a good night’s sleep in order to renew your energy and help you to rise to the challenges of the following day.

  • clean the old energy that is holding onto your body through your skin by taking a salt scrub in the shower before retiring
  • cleanse your internal energy meridians of any stale residue of the day by taking a warm salt water foot bath for half an hour each evening to get rid of the toxins
  • disciplines such as yoga, t’ai chi, qi gung or tapping are invaluable and will ensure a rested mine before sleep
  • a gratitude book by your bed to list all of the positives that have come out of your day help you to focus on your way forwards before sleeping
  • avoid the consumption of anything that holds down your energy before going to sleep, this includes alcohol, heavy meals, carbohydrates, dairy products and of course chocolate. Remember anything that holds down your energy is primarily responsible for mood swings and depression.
  • a glass of warm water is the best thing to drink prior to sleep as it does not place any demands on the digestive system so then the bodily functions can concentrate on their job in hand whilst you sleep and ensure your organs are in tip top working order and therefore presenting you with the optimum health
  • On waking embrace the opportunity to rise and to go forth and multiply. You have an important job to do so don’t waste your energy on looking back but use it to look towards the horizon and stay focused on your goals

Step by step, one step at a time, head held high and a smile on your face and you can climb any mountain

Mater Kay Tom

The Energy Specialist