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We all do it, of course without realising, but pressure reigns in our life due to the need to keep so many balls in the air. Be it through the home/work balance or our own personal needs we can find ourselves running from pillar to post to keep up with it all. In fact it is the way of life today, the pace is fast and furious, our cars go faster, our meals are ready prepared on the supermarket shelf, an email communication is sent in an instant and an aeroplane can take us to the other side of the world by this time tomorrow. Life is all go, go, go and we are like hamsters on a wheel running to keep up.

At the weekend I was watching as flock after flock of birds flew passed my sitting room window to a point where the sky was an ocean of little back dots.  The sun was shining and the sky bright but these little characters were on a mission and somehow they all seemed to have the same sense of purpose – they were preparing to migrate. The following day the temperatures had plummeted to below freezing point- and the birds had gone. For them fore warned was fore armed and they were out of here before the cold hit. This is the way if we listen to nature. Nature is what it is and we will never change that. Nature sets the rules and we have to adapt and the birds know this so plan their actions accordingly.

In fact its all about balance and keeping the equilibrium. Of course the birds will be back when the temperatures soar again but for now they are comfortable in a warmer climate. So what of the hamster on the wheel. The balance has to be to step off the wheel from time to time before the legs drop off – easier said than done I hear you cry – and what about the balls? It’s a tall order I know but the good news is Nature can help you too because Nature understands the balance, understands the yin and yang.

Yang is action, the hamster on the wheel. Yin is inaction, sleep and relaxation. Your home has a yang side and a yin side, your day has a yang period and a yin period, the seasons hold different strengths of yin and yang, so know how to recognise and utilise these things and the balls will look after themselves. Then you can have both quality and quantity.