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It’s a principle that is as old as the hills and yet it still stands proud and true, first impressions count. The significance of this is that like attracts like so a good start on a property viewing is imperative to connecting the client to the energy of the space and the potential of a successful conclusion when the sale goes through.

The basic rule of thumb to a Feng Shui consultant is that energy follows the form and people follow the energy, therefore people also follow the form. The form refers to the feeling or ambiance of a space and it is this that we fall in love with when we connect to that space. It is therefore of vital importance that the first impression is continued around the property in order to sustain the client’s interest.

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The entrance hall continues the energy into the building and is as important as the arrival at the main door in it’s role of keeping the momentum of the enthusiasm going. A property stylist can advise you on the placement of furniture and artefacts in order to support the endeavour of generating this vital energy to all four corners of the property from this central space for it is the entrance hall that is the hub of the wheel from which everything else radiates.

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Keeping the thread of energy going is to lead to a successful conclusion with a HOUSE SALE that is respectful to all those concerned.