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The truth of the matter is that a property is just as much of a living organism as we are and just like you it has needs to ensure its well being. Neglect your property and the atmosphere drops, when the atmosphere drops your personal circumstances drop too and you suddenly find yourself with extra demands on your resources. From there like attracts like so thus ensues a downward spiral with one demand after the other.

Feng Shui is a tool that enables the consultant to read the mood and needs of a property, to know the energetic values around that space and to make recommendations to lift the atmosphere and hence the personal circumstances of the people occupying it.  The joy is that the principles can be applied to any walk of life from the high energy business world of Donald Trump to the quiet and gentle needs of a new born baby, and everything in between.

The old year is drawing to a close so there is no better time than now to refresh and respect your space with a Feng Shui consultation and to start the New Year as you mean to go on with strength, purpose and a focused direction, leaving the old drudge behind. 100 kr gratis casino 2017 | Play Casino

Know your property to know yourself and see your aspirations for the New Year, your health, finances, relationships, career, and general joie vie setting off on a purposeful footing for 2016.

The New Year brings new beginnings so GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER with a Feng Shui consultation and start as you mean to go on. The rest will simply follow.