In my opinion this is one of the happiest days in the 60 day cycle of energy that we follow each day. In fact today’s energy also represents the school kwa of my Master, Grand Master Chan Kun Wah and The Chue Foundation of which I am chairman. The following therefore descibes our own ethics as well as what we can expect of the energy today. My best wishes are particularly extended to my Chue family today.

 The image of the day is that of the sun on the earth, bringing warmth and brightness to all. The leader is sitting in his rightful position and is a bright and righteous and one who is both loyal and receptive. When his people are happy then the leader is happy and being loyal to your boss today will bring rewards. To the Chinese culture this is a strict system.  

Everything is gradually moving up, rising, and there is promise of a great future. Do not waste time today as now is time to act and to join this joyous progress. There is a smile on the face of the people. Have a great day.

with best wishes

Master Kay Tom: 01:06:20: