The image representing the energy of the day today is that of a mountain. A mountain is still and quiet, a mountain stores its energy deep inside, a mountain offers a summit that presents a view far into the future providing you have the stamina to climb, a mountain cannot be moved.

The advice from the mountain is to be still and to contemplate your true priorities and what is the best course for you. To reach the summit it is imperative to know what you truly want to do as the most reliable person in your life, the only one who is there with you from beginning to end, is YOU. The energy continues to be blocked for now so planning and strategy is paramount. To move too soon is therefore foolhardy and could well entice a fall.

The mountain is very beautiful and gives life to all. Man is invigorated by the fresh mountain air, the animals, birds and insects live and breed in its habitat. The mountain is all things to all men. Enjoy the unconditional love and support from the mountain today and know there are a wealth of opportunities in store for you from its belly. Be patient.

with best wishes 

Master Kay Tom: 12:06:20