Life At Home – The Launch Pad To Your Future


Turning the current circumstances round, circumstances that seem to be out of our control for now, and utilising our time at home to set the stage for a brighter future and to be ready to push through once the current challenges have subsided, is a wise plan. Life is a gift so this is an opportunity to focus on the self and to unveil your own inner treasures.

Our homes are our sanctuary where we go to regroup, to renew our energy and to launch all aspects of life from. No matter if we are looking to support our career, encourage the children at school, make a major investment or improve a relationship, every idea starts from home. Your home is you launch pad and for this reason the energy needs to be pure and fresh and free from messy situations.

Bottom line in Feng Shui is that everything has a form (a shape) and people naturally follow the form. When the sun shines and the bulbs start to show through in the garden then the picture is a happy one, the birds are singing as they understand chi and the people start to pick up their head and a smile stretches across their face. This is chi following form. The mind has a form, think negative thoughts and you will only attract more messy chi causing things to just keep getting worse. We have to clear up our act.

In general house maintainance will go a long way towards refreshing the energy. Fixing the dripping tap, fitting a new shower door, cleaning the limescale off the bathroom tiles, replacing the slate that has fallen from the roof or simply clutter clearing the shed, the food store cupboard or your computer files. Everything action will help to shift the blocked energy allowing space for miracles to happen. You will be amazed.

On a more specific level a Chue Style Feng Shui consultant can give you a long list of pointers to improve your circumstances, either through a Chinese Horoscope reading or through a Feng Shui consultation on your home. We have the seasons on our side. This is time of year to encourage rising chi so lets get this into our homes and push the stagnant chi away.

with every best wish

Master Kay Tom: The Energy