Feng Shui – The New Sustainability

Feng Shui – The New Sustainability

Feng Shui Design – Bringing the Outside In.

In this age of crisis in our natural world that currently is suffering from the effects of global warming, natural disasters, the use of plastics and non biodegradable products, a lack of respect for sustainable living and the actions of man and his disregard there can be no more crucial time to listen to the wisdom of the ancient masters and the principles of Feng Shui with its connection to nature and to the environment. In this war between nature and man Feng Shui is the diplomat, the middleman, with the ability to liaise the two in order to bring the balance back.

The disciplines of Feng Shui are more than 3000 years old, principles that have stood the test of time having been handed from master to student through the Imperial Courts of China over countless Dynasties. Chue Style Feng Shui is proud of their Lineage. The Chue family tree identifies the names of each of the masters who have made personal sacrifices over the years in order to continue their knowledge in the best interest of nature and of man. The word of Chue Style Feng Shui is therefore 100% reliable as everything has been taught by direct word to avoid any misinterpetation from a book.

Nothing is more powerful than nature as nothing stops a tsunami, an earthquake or a volcanic eruption and of course thankfully nothing stops the sun rising. Chue Style Feng Shui 100% uses the natural cycles of nature, the lunar cycle that controls the tides and the oceans of this earth, the cycle of the sun and the 24 hour day, the cycle of the four seasons and the impact of the different energies that they bring. Nature is unstoppable and undoubtedly nature knows best. Watching the actions of the birds, insects and animals of the world, observing the growth patterns of the vegetation of the world it is clear to see that they all understand and respect nature. It is only man that has lost his way.

Life force Energy is all around us and is as vital to sustaining the lives of the people in a given enviroment as is the oxygen in our blood. Life Force  energy is a gift of nature that comes through the sun, the moon, the star constellations, the plants, the trees, the waterways, the oceans. Nature tires hard to sustain us, all we have to do is to listen and respect her wisdom as she has no ulterior motive, nature simply wants what is best for us.  The greatest gift is that nature also gives all this for free, all she ask for is respect.

Feng Shui is like a work of art, the longer you look at it the more you see. For example one of the strongest chis of all comes from sunlight.  A flower needs the sun to grow and so too does man. Of course we all understand the comfort of the warmth of the sun on our skin and the benefit of the vitamin D the sun brings to our immune system but do we understand the influences of the sun on our home? In fact a house is just as much of a living organism as we are and like us needs the sun to sustain and encourage the rising energy in the building. Rising energy means progressive people, a family of achievers, a family of successful people. All this through bringing the outside in and allowing the chi to enter the home, to circulate and to sustain the people within that property. This is the role of Feng Shui.

Master Kay Tom: Chue Style Feng Shui