Chinese Horoscopes

The World Is Your Oyster


The energy of the day today, Friday April 3rd 2020 is one of opportunity.  The image is one of a large field that offers a wealth of opportunities if only you can take the time to recognise and grasp them. The truth about opportunities is that they come and then they go. Seize the opportunity and you can pave the way to a brighter future, disregard the opportunity and it may never return again. Its up to you.

If you speak and do the right thing at the right time in work rest and play then the world can be your oyster. One word of warning today: – do not eat too much otherwise you can gain weight.

Today is the precursor to a continued wealth of opportunity that opens up tomorrow April 4th. Listen to the whispers that come to you and be ready to act.

with best wishes

Master Kay Tom: The Energy Specialist: April 3rd 2020.