Abundance In All You Do

The name of today’s hexagram is Abundance: Full of Everything. 

The wisdom of the elders that understand the energy of today offer us abundnace, that can come in many forms. Life always has its ups and downs and the advice today is to appreciate what you do have when you are down, and to prepare yourself for the good that is to come.

I heard @DuncanBannatyne say recently that at 29 he had no education,  no job, no money and no bank account. Look where he is today. I said yesterday this month of the Dragon is for turning things around offering the opportunity to recognise your qualities and to put your best foot forwards and to rise to this challenge. The best route forwards today is to be frank and to be prepared to share  

The hexagram of today advises that the mist is lifting and a bright future is indicated. The bad luck will disappear, the sickness will be gone and you will feel happy again.

Wishing you a great day. Stay upbeat

Master Kay Tom     www.theenergyspecialist.co.uk/blog