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Buying and selling a property is one of the most major decisions you ever make in your life so making the experience as comfortable as possible will help to alleviate the tensions synonymous  with the event. The truth of the matter is that there is plenty of competition out there and so it has to be that your property rises above the rest in offering something unique that makes you stand out from the crowd.

The basic rule to follow is:          ATTENTION GOES WHERE ENERGY FLOWS

First and foremost you need a good source of energy or chi to your main door. As the French would say “Ou est la porte?” This may sound obvious but if you can’t find the door then the chi most certainly will not find it either. No chi = no people so make the area as light and bright as possible. Refresh the paintwork, the name or the number of the property, the door hinges, the door mat, the external lighting, the footpath to the door and the surrounding garden. A tired approach leads to a tired interior and a potential client with a very short attention span when it comes to the site visit.

Always remember:                          FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT

Your new owner will need to feel welcome and at home on arrival so bringing life into the space through all of the senses is another key factor. The best way to do this is with live plants as they breath oxygen into the space and therefore are refreshing the environment constantly. Keeping the place clean may sound some what OCD but stale energy and sticky surfaces only serve to slow down the flow of chi to a point where the enthusiasm stops. Never cease to bare in mind, if the enthusiasm stops the clients stop too. It really is a matter of being dictated to by the flow of chi.

The plants bring the ambiance:     CHI FOLLOWS THE FORM, IN THIS CASE THE AMBIANCE,     

                                                           AND PEOPLE FOLLOW THE CHI  

Now all you need is your USP. This can be anything from a stunning view over open countryside to a unique feature in the smallest room in the house or anything in between. The property needs to feel loved and cared for and a place that someone takes pride in because when you buy the property then you buy all this too.

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Then of course you need your FENG SHUI CONSULTANT to tell you where the financial chi sits in the building, to advise on an auspicious price and supportive date on which to launch the sale and then you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Luxury London mews house languished on the market for six months – then sold immediately when owner gave it a price with better Feng Shui

Staff at Lurot Brand estate agents were more than a bit miffed when a seller told them she wanted her London home to be marketed for the unusual – and intriguingly specific – price of £1,791,000.

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