Follow the Chi


Today there is a lot of loud noise coming from a variety of sources, the main contributor being the voice of the people, some complaining and some celebrating. Once again, the energy advises a cautious approach with your strategy, you have the right material and a good set of tools so with patience success can come. The best advice is to work within your own capabilities, with your own energy and your own ideas and then the sound will be that of the celebrations being generated by your achievements.

It is a wise man who follows the example of the energy. Life does not always pan out exactly as you would wish but in just the same way as the Twin Tower employee stopped to get the heel of her shoe fixed and so avoided the 9:11 catastrophe, delays dictated by the energy are for a good reason. Trust the circumstances you have right now and make them work for you.

The most fundamental rule of Feng Shui is: –


FORM represents the environment: The general energy of the environment right now is one of confusion so Chi Following Form – the Chi is confused

PEOPLE follow Chi – hence the people are confused too. 

We cannot dictate to the Chi to bring the clarity, but it will come once the blocks are removed. The blocks are the messy energy that exists right now. Messy energy follows messy energy so the lies need to be cleared away before the Chi can flow again. 

Trust the path.

with best wishes

Master Kay Tom 26:05:20