Unusually the month of December has been offering opportunities of a new beginning if we have been listening to our instincts. Bottom line in this is the fact that opportunities come and opportunities go – it is our choice to take the chance or to miss it, the main consideration to tip the scales being that rarely does an opportunity present itself twice.

I say unusually regarding the month of December in that the energy is often tired with little strrength left at the end of the year. Of course we can all appreciate that 2020 has been an unpredicidented year in many regards with everyone the world over ready to launch into the freshness of 2021, and the energy of December has been only too pleased to support this action.

 2021 is the year of the METAL OX: In the Cycle of the 12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac we are leaving behind the year of the Rat as we progress forward into the new year of the Ox. Equally unuasually these two neighbours get on well together and combine as a team in an endeavour to stem the flood of challenges that has befallen the world. Together these two will stablise the sitiuation before the Rat bows out gracefully at the Ox’s official inaugeration at the Chinese New Year.

The Ox is an animal of strength and reliability and is the makings of a solid foundation. He doesn’t move quickly but builds slowly and methodically. If your follow his shining example then you can pave the way to a new outlook and a new future. The old life is behind you and this one will be very different with new priorities that bring a different quality and richness to your existance that you have never before been able to recognise or appreciate.

The time is now and now is the beginning of a new era of experience. The 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac move in a cycle of 12 years and 2021 is only the 2nd year in this new cycle/era. We have moved out of the newborn weening stage and are now onto toddler years when progress is made despite the tentative steps. Information is absorbed like a sponge and we will take to our new circumstances like a duck to water as long as we focus on looking ahead and avoid looking back.

First impressions count and the new year still carries some of the uncertainty of 2020. The challenge of the virus still hovers but more evident is the financial impact of the last 12 months. A wise man has learned to cut his cloth accordingly. To eat simply yet nutritiously, to lead a simple life without an overload of luxuries and to prioritise health and fitness will be the best policy for going forward as balance will be the key. Finances will continue to be a challenge in 2021 as a consequence of the impact of 2020 but by following this simple yin/yang rule there will be more chance of productivity.

Yin needs yang and yang needs yin to produce something. This is a fact that is as basic as the birds and the bees. Yang is city life that is fast and furoius and needs the balance of the countryside that is yin to provide more peace and tranqulity. Work is yang with its demands and fast pace, relaxation is yin with regular breaks and frequent meals to maintain the equilibrium. The pace is fast and that will not change despite the efforts of the valiant ox. The sensible man respects this and takes to nature in some form when he can,or practices yoga etc , takes a massage or generally does something for himself in order to avoid burn out. The challenge of Covid 19 has been to encourage man to recognise his priorities and family and community life have become more valued. Build on these lessons throughout 2021 and the rewards will be yours.

 The metal Ox knows how to store and consolidate, he also knows how to define his boundries. For this reason 2021 is for stabilising, restoring and building. 2022 will carry the energy to launch full throttle all systems go. Be sure to be ready , for to build gradually will last a long time. Build in a rush and your project will be short lived.  

This is Chue Style Feng Shui. Totally understanding and totally respecting of yin and yang.


The most favorable direction in 2021 is in the south as this is where the best and most genuine opportunities lie.

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