2020 The Year of the Metal Rat


The following is a global analysis of the energetic influences throughout the year although the directions discussed can also refer to directions in a country, a county, a city, a town and your home or business premises. 


The central regions, 7, such as the Middle East are hosting totally yang energy in 2020 indicating a rapid energy that can erupt at any moment when bad things escalate very quickly. The catalyst to such an eruption originates from the west indicating the USA with guns and ammunition. 

To avoid too much disturbance in the centre of your home, particularly if the kitchen is located there then avoid the use of the colour red and take particular care before going to bed to ensure nothing has been left switched on accidentally as there is a vulnerability to a fire hazard.

The 5 and the 2 stars indicate sickness so properties with a main door or main gate in the east, 5, or the south, 2, can further enhance the already troubled energy in the centre of the house for 2020. It is advisable to use a protection charm over the main door to help to combat this challenge.


The direction of north, 3, is also showing a totally yang energy that will encourage arguments and lawsuits. This is particularly significant in industry as there can be someone working in an underhanded way or even copying your ideas. If your office is located in the north sector or your main door faces north it is important to play yours cards close to your chest as well as being mindful to stay above the letter of the law. 

North East

The north east sector is more balanced with a more even representation of yin and yang, however, the false energy we saw in the north is still in evidence, so care is needed to guard against someone trying to steal your ideas. Care is also needed not to trust too easily and to always ask advice before taking any action in order to avoid arguments, lawsuits or scandal.


The energy of the east sector, 5, is once again all yang representing a volatile situation. As previously mentioned, the 5 star is also visiting the area in 2020 that can relate to sexual disease, particularly for the younger lady. There is jealousy in this area too. There is also a need for caution when driving and to be mindful not to drink and drive, especially for the eldest son of the family. For all of the above reasons it is better not to have a main door, gate, kitchen, study or bedroom in the east. It is fine however to have a bathroom in the east as the energy is drained in this room when the shower is in use or the toilet is flushed. 

The east sector also has an indication of a trade war that is all about money. This could primarily be connected to pharmaceuticals and food stuffs. This all bodes as a considerable challenge to the people of the Far East and especially the youth of Hong Kong. 

South East

The south east sector, 6, as a stark contrast carries mainly yin energy that is much slower, much more considered and much more stable. However, this in many ways is a false illusion as although all looks well on the surface there are undertones at work to control the area and even to bring it down. Challenges that show will take a lot of time and effort in an endeavour to control them. The danger here is that the energy is slow causing a situation where these challenges can have a firm hold before you even know they are there. Staying alert with your eye on the ball is vital to survival in this sector. 


The south sector, 2, as already mentioned is carrying the sick energy in 2020. It is crucial to avoid the use of the colours of red and yellow. This is particularly important to the head male of the family in all aspects of his life, particularly health issues including fertility matters. A couple who are trying for a baby should not be sleeping in a south room in 2020.

South West

The south west, 4, holds all yin energy that is slow to develop. This will particularly affect the females of the family, namely the mother and daughter or daughter in law when arguments can develop after a period of resentment most likely over finances. 


The west, 9, can represent Europe. There are arguments here making it the best policy to stay neutral. The trouble can come from the direction of south or south west position in some way. This disturbance causes pressure on the head making concentration difficult so a west room for example is far from suitable for decision making and study. Caution is needed over the use of the colours red, yellow and black as well as being attentive over the safety of all electrical equipment in this area. There is a fire risk and undesirable situations can develop very quickly.

North West

The north west, 8, is at last a favourable position in 2020. If your property has a north west back or facing direction, then the year can hold the best opportunities. This is particularly fortuitous in the business sector as the leader naturally sits here aiding decision making and enterprise. This is certainly the sector to improve your financial status so siting your study or your desk in the north west sector of your property or of a room will help to attract this energy. This is so strong there is even a good chance of winning the lottery so travelling to the north west of your home to purchase a ticket will be to your advantage.

How serious any of the challenges of 2020 proves to be depends entirely on the strength of the energy of your home. If you have a strong house and you keep the energy clean, then the effects of the challenges of 2020 will be minimalised. There are solutions that can be identified through the use of Feng Shui principles.

– Master Kay Tom