Today the energy of the Hexagram is that of Fellowship: Fellowship representing a mutal respect for all, without judgement. There are always those who want to stand on their own soap box and blow their own trumpet but it is the humble leader with empathy for all who is the wise one. Today shows the leader to be bright with a humble heart and with no agenda for feeding his own ego. Be assured the differneces are minor and your leader knows what he is doing, speaking with the voice of experience of many generations past. 

Today it is important to follow your leader, sticking to your own principles, in the sure and certain knowledge that what you are doing will then be OK. It is also important to respect your team knowing every man has a vital role to play. It is only in fellowship that you can expand your future.

with my best wishes

Master Kay Tom 28:06:20: http://www.theenergyspecialist.com