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12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac

2018 The Year of the Earth Dog


Knowing the Chinese animal of your year of birth is to know yourself as the traits and habits of that animal are part of your energetic DNA and totally resonate with who you are and why you do the things you do.


2018 The Earth Dog has his feet on the ground bringing a year of dealing with the facts and an acceptance of it is what it is. There are things in life that we cannot change but what we can change is the way we view the situation. It’s a case of putting your best foot forwards and moving on. This dog is not afraid of change.


The Earth Dog is one who doesn’t suffer fools gladly and although he still undoubtedly will be man’s best friend and a key player on the social circuit there will nevertheless be no wool pulled over this guy’s eyes.


The Earth Dog is a natural defender of the faith with a great sense of justice. His alert nature and strong sixth sense will always keep him one step of the game making him astute in business deals with a keen nose when it comes to sniffing out an opportunity well ahead of his competitors.


In a battle, this defender has a tendency to take no prisoners but to stay focused on his goal and therefore hit his target directly. In a word, what you see is what you get with this character. No one could be more genuine and more respectful.



In the family of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac each has its own character bringing a different quality to the table. Like any family there are those members who get on well and those who do not so it is important to understand their pecking order because all have a contribution to make.



This year the Rat’s eye is on the money. A cunning fellow who knows how to duck and dive in order to reach his goal and one to avoid confrontation at all cost, bringing a year of negotiation and diplomacy in order to reap the ultimate reward



A sedately fellow who takes everything in his stride as he has the foresight to see further than the end of his nose. The Ox also understands the money energy this year but this is discreet money that very few know about. The Rat and the Ox make an excellent team in the financial world particularly on long term investments.



Anyone born in the year of the Tiger, the Horse, the Monkey, the rooster and the Rabbit all connect well with the dog and understand how to be part of his team. For these people there is tremendous potential to go forth and multiple in 2018 because they have the energy of the leader watching their back. This opportunity is strong for the Tiger as he has bright ideas of his own as well as a natural ability to know when to pounce and seize the moment.

The entrepreneur of the year, the Tiger always has his eye on his prey and knows exactly when to pounce. In fact, the time is now so a world of opportunity awaits the Tiger this year. It is simply a case of keeping a sharp eye out in order to spot his chance and to be certain not to miss it.



A social fellow who likes the good things in life and who will not be disappointed this year. There are opportunities for the Rabbit to advance his career and ultimately improve his financial status in doing so. 2018 is also a good year for fertility and producing the next generation for the Rabbit.



The Chinese animal that needs to keep his head down this year and not make any important changes to his life is the Dragon. The Dragon totally opposes the Dog’s energy and is therefore against the leader. It is advisable that anyone born in the year of the Dragon wears either a red string around his waist or wears red underwear or red socks all year for protections from any challenges the Dog may want to throw his way.

Keeping a low profile is the name of the game for the Dragon this year. Undoubtedly the Dragon is a well-respected character and one to always be ahead of the field but everyone deserves some time off and 2018 is an ideal time to do so. It will be a wise Dragon who rests on his laurels and even takes a sabbatical this year.



The Snake will do well to stay close to home this year, in other words, all he needs is in the palm of his hands. His greatest allies are his neighbours and with the right collaboration success can be his by the end of the year.



The Horse is happiest when his spirit runs free, galloping wild with his mane flowing in the wind. He will do very well this year if he teams up with the Tiger. Together they are formidable, can climb any mountain and achieve their goals through grit and determination.



A high achiever this year with success in examinations or legal matters. The Sheep is a discrete player never inclined to blow his own trumpet too often and not one with high levels of ambition yet when he does achieve he is thrilled and proud. This year will not disappoint.



The playful Monkey and his neighbour the very responsible Rooster work very well together with the Dog to form a powerful team that shouts leadership. Far be it for the Monkey to want to take on too much responsibility as he is a great advocate of a work/life balance he nevertheless knows how to action a plan and bring it to life. A great year for the Monkey to use his intelligence and progress his career. A great year for fertility and reproduction too.



A confident fellow with his feet firmly on the ground so one with a reliable voice and solid advice. The Rooster is the spokesman of the team and one to rise to great heights with his confidence, his leadership and his strong sense of duty. The Rooster will go far this year, most especially if he accepts the contribution to the cause from the Monkey and the Dog. He would be a fool not to get involved with these guys.



The Dog’s vulnerability is to procrastinate too long and miss that opportunity so be sharp eyed this year in order to maximise on your own potential. Basically, say yes to everything because there is always more depth to what is on the table in 2018, that is not apparent on first sight.



The trustworthy and diligent Pig holds the purse strings to both money and power in 2018. The money especially dominant if he joins forces with the team of the Rat and the Ox. The financial gains can then lead him into a world of regard, respect and high esteem in the workplace if he joins forces with the Tiger. There is immense opportunity for growth and status this year for the Pig if he learns to accept the advice of others.