Chinese Horoscope – the 12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac – The Dragon

The early hours of the morning of the 5th April 09 saw the arrival of the energy of the Dragon month. The Dragon is a magical mystical character who has the ability to turn scrap metal into gold and thus is known for his entrepreneurial skills. He commands huge respect and is held in high esteem by his fellow 12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

It was Sir Winston Churchill who once said ” it is the pessimist who sees obstacles in every opportunity and the optimist who sees opportunities in every obstacle”

The Dragon is the optimist who has a keen eye and has been watching carefully the developement of the energy over the earlier part of the year. It is he who now transforms the true energy of 2009 to help bring about its full potential as the first 3 months of the year were simply responsible for overseeing the handover of power from 2008, the year of the Rat, to 2009, the year of the Ox. At last the energy is pure.

This will translate into our lives by bringing more stability and more clarity to the circumstances around us and indeed more optimism. It cannot be denied that we have been transversing through a very sticky spell, particularly around the financial markets, and so it is the Dragon who will push us back on track and point us in the right direction. There is still a need to air on the side of caution as this new energy is fresh and needs to be allowed time to mature so the going will still feel slower than we would like. It is vital to stay focused and to keep our thoughts positive.

This sudden change of direction, or at least freeing up of a static situation, can translate into any area of your life, not simply your financial status as previously mentioned. Commincation is majorly affected so perhaps something you have been negotiating for quite some period of time will suddenly come through. I have one client with a suspicious breast lump which I feel is due to an energy block in her horoscope. Providing she follows the recommendations I have made to bring about more balance to her chart then I feel it will be this month, the Dragon energy, that will carry this block through for her and bring about a more positive period of health.

Let the Dragon see the opportunities in every obstacle for you this month

with my best wishes

Kay Tom April 09