Spring is in the air

The birds are singing, the daffodils are coming into bloom and the spring lambs are starting to arrive in our countryside. Without a doubt this is a welcome relief from the slow start many of us have experienced to this the Year of the Ox 2009

The Ox is a steadfast fellow not known for his elegance but more for his stamina and endurance, indeed this is the energy we are going to have to apply throughtout the coming year.  Progress has been slow over the winter months due to the fact that the Ox, who represents the element of earth,  and the Rat of 2008, representing water, together left us with a sodden earth at the handover of the year. The yolk for the Ox was heavy and the plough very difficult to move. Patience was a virtue during this time  with transactions and business plans taking a long time to come to fruition.

The good news is, the months of February and March are represented by the element of wood, so if we think of this wood in terms of a tree then the roots of the tree are able to dig down into the sodden earth and break it up as well as absorbing some of the excess water that made it so heavy. In a nutshell progress will be alot easier for the Ox at this time so our hearts will be lightened and we will feel more confident and encouraged in our endeavours.

The true turning point comes with the Dragon month in April. This fellow is known for his leadership qualities and his Midas touch. For those who study Feng Shui and the language of Nature  – if you consult your 10,000 year calendar for 2009 you will find an earth Dragon month. This is determined by the Heavenly Stem of the year (gay) whose natural combination is to gap to make the element of earth – and it is this earth that the Dragon carries into the year – hence the earth Dragon month of 2009 and the responsibilty of the Dragon to transform the Chi. This principle works for all the Heavenly Stem combinations and can be tested out on any year. This is the quality of Chue Style Feng Shui. Everything is determined by Nature.

By April we will all be truly feeling a spring in our step and a lighter load. The Ox still has a long was to go with his plough but if you keep you head down and stay focused on your target he will ensure a job well done and a successful outcome to your year. This is not a year for the feint hearted but a year for those who have the courage and perseverance to keep their head down without complaint and keep that plough moving.

Wishing you all a happy and successful Spring Equinox March 20th 2009

Master Kay Tom March 09