Reversing the Chi


It actually takes a lot of energy to be a bad guy so it therefore makes complete sense to harness this energy to your own advantage if at all possible and thus turn an uncomfortable situation on its head.

Consider the planning and organisation that goes into producing a major outdoor event such as a summer musical extravaganza. Picnics are prepared and champagne bars erected and of course considerations are made regarding adverse weather when it comes to electrics for sound equipment on the stage. Over and above all this preparation it is then the wise organiser who also has raincoats and umbrellas ready to sell if the rain comes down for in this eventuality he has used the energy of the bad guy.

Life has its ups and downs, that is a given fact, so when it is good and rolling along in a comfortable fashion you never stop to question your path or your progress along this journey we call life. It is only when the challenging times present themselves that you may be forced to recognise an imbalance that has occurred in your existence and thus forced to consider how you can address it. When you are caught unawares and an unpleasant circumstance pops up like a rabbit from a hat the period of adjustment in your life style can be quite prolonged. However, if you have recognised your enemy well in advance of this situation then you can have a strategy in place and you no longer afford him the opportunity to catch you on the back foot with your guard down.

A close friend was diagnosed with bowel cancer a couple of years ago and most certainly will testify this was to be one of the greatest challenges of her life. Anyone who has been confronted with such a circumstance knows there are two options in this scenario and that is to beat it or to join it. Thankfully she rose to the challenge of the bad guy and addressed the lesson he was endeavouring to present. She completely changed her life style by cutting down on long arduous hours at the office and therefore making more time for herself to indulge in a leisurely massages or a session at the gym. She changed her diet and recognised what exactly she was putting into her body when she ate a meal and she took up disciplines such as Qi Gung and meditation. All of this helped her to cope with the rigours of her hospital visits and to keep her thoughts positive throughout her ordeal. Happily my friend was recently given the all clear from her specialist but the reality is none of her imbalances would ever have been addressed unless the illness had been presented to her in the first place so she is now able to give thanks for the lesson from the bad guy and move on to a healthier lifestyle.

Bad guys can present themselves in many ways and often leave you with a sense of life being in control of you rather than you being in control of life. The opportunity is to rise to the challenge and not see any negativity in the situation but to see it as more of an opportunity to embrace a new lifestyle. Change is often a challenge for most of us as even when our present circumstances are uncomfortable for some reason we continue in the same mode because we know how to handle them and thus they take precedence to the fear that step into the new world of the unknown may present.

It is an age old saying ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’ and indeed visa versa. What may be rubbish to you could be the next man’s fortune so if your challenge is around finances why not check out what you have stored away in your attic? The cardboard cartons on this bicycle had been purchased from local store keepers earlier in the day and were to be sold on further along the road for a 50% profit the next day.

(Know the enemy and you are one step ahead of the game)


It is a natural phenomenon that the tide always returns

70% of this earth is water, indeed 70% of your body is also water, and it is therefore no surprise to learn that you are directly affected by the ebb and flow of the tides.

Keeping your thoughts positive and seeing the best in every circumstance is paramount to a happy outcome to your challenging situation. Each day heralds a new dawn and the opportunity of a new beginning so why not embrace it and give thanks.

Think of yourself as a muscle clinging to a rock in bright sunlight waiting patiently for the tide to return. When the tide does come and the muscle is once again submerged in the beautiful crystal clear waters of the ocean she opens her arms, embraces the moment, and dances again.

For the time being the best policy is to ensure you stay strong. One of the most valuable things you can do to support this is to get a good night’s sleep in order to renew your energy and help you to rise to the challenges of the following day.

  • clean the old energy that is holding onto your body through your skin by taking a salt scrub in the shower before retiring
  • cleanse your internal energy meridians of any stale residue of the day by taking a warm salt water foot bath for half an hour each evening to get rid of the toxins
  • disciplines such as yoga, t’ai chi, qi gung or tapping are invaluable and will ensure a rested mine before sleep
  • a gratitude book by your bed to list all of the positives that have come out of your day help you to focus on your way forwards before sleeping
  • avoid the consumption of anything that holds down your energy before going to sleep, this includes alcohol, heavy meals, carbohydrates, dairy products and of course chocolate. Remember anything that holds down your energy is primarily responsible for mood swings and depression.
  • a glass of warm water is the best thing to drink prior to sleep as it does not place any demands on the digestive system so then the bodily functions can concentrate on their job in hand whilst you sleep and ensure your organs are in tip top working order and therefore presenting you with the optimum health
  • on waking embrace the opportunity to rise and to go forth and multiply. You have an important job to do so don’t waste your energy on looking back but use it to look towards the horizon and stay focused on your goals

Step by step, one step at a time, head held high and a smile on your face and you can climb any mountain

Mater Kay Tom

The Energy Specialist