The name of the hexagram that describes the energy of today is Resolving the Chaos and could not be more approriate in the light of the unrest currently being experiened around the world. In fact to overcome the problems hard work is called for in order to encounter the difficulties and find a resolution that will enable the energy to go through and put everyone on a more even path. The ground has been thoroughly shaken and a seed has been sown for a new beginning but a sprouting seed is fragile so needs extra care. Even so a lengthy learning curve is forecast for all start ups. Work hard and trust the energy’s guidance and you will find success.

The lesson taken from this suggests that even though you seem to be caught up in your problems and the way forward unclear it is imprortant to organise yourself, to stand back and look at your plans and to change them if necessary. It is vital to adapt to the guidance of the energy otherwise chaos will reign. Reconsider your strategy and and adapt to your circumstances wherever possible.

This morning I heard a TV broadcast from a retailer talking about the impact on his business due to the lack of foot fall to his store during the current pandemic. His solution has been to offer on line perosnal shopping in order to satisfy his customers’ needs. Every customer has access to an online assistant in order to understand their requirments and to offer a personal service and advice in the same way as if this client had visited his store. This is adjusting to the circumstances for him. 

with best wishes

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