The Dragon Month



Saturday April 4th sees the arrival of a new energy that sets the stage for the month of April. This energy is represented by the Metal Dragon who is a warrior that has the ability to turn things around. The general energy of the month is one of Peace, where the leaders have come together to present a united front in the current challenges that the world has been presented with. The realisation seems to have dawned that the situation is not about them but in fact is about a power that is far greater than any one of them and a mutail respect has descended.

The energy of the day itself, Saturday 4th April, is one of “Following” and recommends avoiding resistance about things that you simply cannot change. Following means to accept the situation for what it is, to recognise and acknowledge the positives that this can bring and to act accordingly for the benefit of yourself and those close to you. If you can be flexible and adaptable and deal with the different situations one at a time then you can be successful in the future. One day we will look back on the challenges of the Coronavirus – its up to you and the decisions and actions you take now if you will also look back and see this time as a launch pad.

With best wishes

Master Kay Tom:

April 4th 2020