A Personal Fate Forecast for the Year Ahead


A young man came to me early in 2022 asking for advice and support in securing a work experience post in the Civil Service with the Central Government of the UK. He had successfully completed a degree at university and was eager to embark on his career path. My priority for him was to ensure a good supply of Chi could reach him to sustain and support his endeavours.

I had conducted a Feng Shui consultation on his family home a few years earlier and was therefore able to offer general advice on areas of the home that had a direct effect on him as the first son of the family and that would benefit from a refresh of the energy by clearing clutter, repairing anything that was damaged or broken and applying a fresh coat of paint in these areas.

The young man’s bedroom had a complete refresh with an emphasis on the colour green as this represents the wood element that is the main supporting element in his birth chart. Wood also represents education, intelligence, and rising energy/growth, all of which would have a major impact on his energy and his career path. This is especially relevant in a bedroom as this is where we stay in one place for the longest time, thus catching the Chi as we sleep.

The next priority was to look at the year ahead to identify his strengths for the year through a Personal Fate Forecast. Chue Style Feng Shui is unique in its approach to this as we are the only school in the world to use the Yearly Moving Life House for this calculation and not use the year of birth that other masters use. This is a method that Grand Master Chan has developed himself through years of personal research and that offers more information and a much more personal and accurate forecast in all aspects of life.

The sitting position 2022 for his chart, the Pig, is a strong position to sit in 2022 and represents the starter motor of the career energy for this chart. This position also has a direct connection to the Tiger 寅 who is the leader of the year. The connection is very much about combining to the leaders. To strengthen this connection the young man could wear a Jade Tiger to boost his career focus.

The Pig sits with strong stars in 2022 with Prosperous Blessings. The vulnerability for the Pig in 2022 is the potential to attract gossip or an inability to express yourself clearly so the union with the Tiger’s energy will help to control this as the Tiger has the authority.

The Pig sits in the Northwest so ensure this area is always kept light and bright and free of heavy objects like a wardrobe that will hold the energy down.

It is also recommended to avoid dark alley ways and lonely areas at night as there is a vulnerability to danger. Again, the Tiger can control this as he is sitting in the sunlight that will negate any darkness.

The Tiger 寅 sits in the Northeast making it important to respect this area by keeping it fresh

The Rabbit 卯 and the Sheep 未 are also on the Pig’s team. Collectively this team represent the element of wood that is also the young man’s career energy and therefore very important.

The Rabbit 卯 sits in the East, an area that also represents the first son inside the house.

This is very relevant to the young man as he is the first son of the family. Keep the east sector of the property inside looking nice and keep it well maintained. This can also apply to the east sector of his bedroom or study. There is an Eastern Guardian Angel in this position as well as stars to control any adversity the Pig position may have around. This position is very important as it represents the young man’s career. A photograph of his graduation or something that represents his career/education/success can be placed here.

The Sheep 未 Southwest is also sitting in a strong position in 2022. The Governments Seal of Approval sits here making this a vital area to keep fresh to enable the stars here to give cause for celebration.

Sheep days in February 2022 are: – 11:02:22 and 23:02:22 making these good days for contacting career leads or celebrating happy news.


The sitting position for the young man for 2022 is placed very well for launching his career energy

His team of support that connects directly to his sitting position of 2022 are all in strong positions too. The Tiger, the Rabbit, and the Sheep. Working with people born in these years will also work well for him.

Tiger 1950: 1962: 1974: 1986: 1998: 2010

Rabbit 1951: 1963: 1975: 1987: 1999: 2011

Sheep 1955: 1967: 1979: 1991: 2003: 2015

The young man’s birth chart will benefit from the introduction of the Tiger’s energy to boost his career. However, there is so much support for him in 2022 from the Rabbit and the Sheep then this is not 100% necessary for now. February 2023 will be a good time to commence wearing the Tiger. It is enough in 2022 to maintain the Tiger’s home, Northeast.


The main door of a home is vital in its role as the mouth of the home through which the energetic nourishment flows – a nourishment that sustains the whole family


I just wanted to let you know that a couple of weeks ago our son was offered a really good job in the Home Office and most importantly, it’s one he was interested in and he has accepted the position. 

It is interesting how this whole thing has played out.  As you know, he was very disappointed, as we were for him, not to get the Fast track offer but I feel that the right job has opened for him, better than the Fast Track as that has been paused after this year because they are trying to cut down/fire superfluous civil servants.

Interestingly, the thing that has made a huge difference was moving the large pot out of the position it was in blocking the chi to the front door.  I have put some stones where the pot was and moved the pot to the kitchen terrace.  After having moved this pot and pressure hosing the front terrace my son got his job offer and my husband was offered a job, which he declined and there has been much more activity and approaches to him since.  Very interesting.  Thank you for reminding me to do this.  I know you suggested doing this after your first visit.  It has made a big difference.  The water feature is running happily too and of course this may have had a hand in some of the recent activity too.

This is a fine example of Feng Shui and Ba Zi working together as it was the removal of the large pot blocking the energy to the main door that let the chi move and support the family.


Winter Solstice                       22:12:22          The Birth of the Chi of 2023

Chinese New Year                   22:01:23          The 2nd new moon after the winter solstice

1st Day of Spring                      04:02:23


2023 is not looking to be a supportive year for many people as several of the 12 Mansions hold no good stars making it important to know where your strengths lie to boost your energy and control the challenges.

Personal Fate Forecasts for the year ahead are available via the website.

With best wishes for 2023,

Master Kay Tom CH DS YHH