The Power of Yin and Yang


Dubai is a city that is exceptionally Yang – in May when I visited the temperature was 40 degrees and rising. The male dresses in white which is also very yang, he is following the chi. This city is the height of yang – the D’ai Wong of the world. Everything is fast from the pace of the traffic to the rate of growth of the city. The female dresses in black – totally yin and compliments the yang energy. She therefore embraces and connects to the yang chi


When I was in Dubai I met three local lady architects. Ladies with very important positions – their responsibility was to design social housing for the workers in the form of high-rise blocks. They wanted to know how Feng Shui can help. Three ladies dressed totally in black with their full-face showing. You did not realise they had entered the room, such was their grace. They were silent and simply listened intently without interruption to my seminar on an introduction to Chue Style Feng Shui. The rest of the room, all ex pats, chatted and asked questions, the 3 ladies just sat with a quiet dignity. After my presentation they chatted with the local gentleman who had escorted them and then he spoke to my assistant. They completely contained their chi.


To the people of the west this might all seem unthinkable and restrictive behavior but to me these ladies were demonstrating how to use the energy of the bad guy – not that I would suggest for one minute that yang is bad but in this case it is very strong and totally in control. These ladies had learned how to harness the yang and had gained the ultimate authority in that they contained their chi and used it to attain professional qualifications and respect in their field of architecture. All this and the ladies were still standing in their femininity too. They were clearly very beautiful women with beautiful eyes and very dramatic eye make up – and carrying designer handbags – their small permitted fashion statement.


To me this was a beautiful demonstration of yin and yang coming together.  This is the true Chue quality – our deep understanding of the power of yin and yang working together to produce something.


Dubai is a very yang man made city. Late Heaven Sequence is also man made. Without a doubt Dubai is an Ocean Dragon with ever changing form. The large sand dunes that create some degree of shape to the landscape disappear as soon as the wind blows and the sand storms come. In a desert of course there are no mountains. It is the sun that sustains this city and the land in terms of the oil reserves. Can we apply Early Heaven Sequence in this case or do I simply apply the Late Heaven sequence. This is my next step in my research of this fascinating place.


Master Kay Tom