House Styling

I would be so bold as to say there is no where more important to the self than home for after all it is our sanctuary, a place to rest and recouperate after the rigors of the working day. Life is a roller coaster ride with its ups and downs and its challenges so it is a wise warrior who rests well each night in preparation for the demands of the following day. So, yes of course your home is a place to lay your hat but actually it is so much more than that – it sustains you.

Life force energy is as vital to you as the air that you breathe and your home is full of it. Some might describe it as the atmosphere of the space, a feeling of comfort and stability and a yearning to stay longer, or not if the energy is low. Bottom line is your quality of life hinges on this valuable commodity so naturally it is within everyone’s best interest to keep its quality running at its maximum.  When your space feels good you feel good. When you feel good you work at full strength. Now you are asking “what does this have to do with house styling?” My answer is simple, “everything”

Energy comes from nature and enters your home through doors and windows and then circulates around the space. House styling encourages it to do this. To the house stylist your home is a blank canvas on which to create an image of movement and flow that pleases not only the eye but the essence of you too. It lifts your mood, it gives you clarity, it rests your mind so that the answers can come and the decisions be made. It brings the feel good factor. Your home is an extension of you so taking care of it is as important as a good balanced diet or an appointment with your personal trainer. Its a place to be proud of which in return will make you feel proud and so encourage you to hold your head high as you journey on towards your goals and your dreams.

Energy follows energy so letting your home flow like a willow on the breeze will naturally bring order to your own life and less of a feeling of swimming against the tide. You know you are worth it


JULY 2015