Chinese New Year 2021


No other animal is more astute or more wise than the Ox for he is the most adapt at taking everything in his stride, and nothing phases him: Take a leaf from his book: Do not panic, simply assess each situation as it is presented to you and a solution will come for the Ox is on your side, and full of good intention too, especially regarding bringing some stability to the challenges of 2020.

He is also the most focused of the 12 animals at instigating new beginnings. His step is steady and nothing and no one will make him rush for above all else he does a thorough job and isn’t known for taking short cuts. He simply accepts “it is what is it” when he looks at the water sodden field and no matter how heavy the task he dons his joke and plough and gets on with the task in hand.

Bottom line in 2021 is not to be afraid of hard work as it will bring the rewards that you most desire. The Ox will bring the opportunities of new beginnings with his skills of turning a situation around so be alert and mindful of them when they present themselves. Opportunities rarely come twice, miss them and they therefore rarely return. The choice is yours.

with best wishes

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