2022 The Year of the Water Tiger

The Winter Solstice on 21st December 2021 marked the turning point of the hours of day light as the shortest day and the longest night of the year. After this day the period of daylight extends by 90 seconds each morning and each evening and signifies the birth of the energy of the fast approaching New Year 2022. The Year of the Water Tiger.

The Water Tiger has webbed feet and swims very fast. He represents a Chang Sang position in the Cycle of the 12 Animals meaning he is a go getter who is full of enthusiasm and wants nothing more than to get his projects off the ground.

“Opportunities come and opportunities go. However, it is very rare an opportunity presents itself twice so keep a keen eye and stay alert as the choice is yours, to grab it or miss it.” Grand Master Chan Kun Wah

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with my best wishes

Master Kay Tom CH DS YHH

January 2022