Never being known as the shy and retiring type, the Rooster will always make his presence felt. His USP is the strength of his voice, a voice not to be reckoned with. A voice that everyone takes note of, like it or not. There is no argument with the Rooster, what he says, goes. 2017, the year of the fire Rooster, brings in a leader with fire in his belly, with drive and with ambition that is second to none.

2017 is a year for speaking your truth and asserting your authority. The Rooster presents you with the opportunity to stand on your soap box and launch your ideas. If there is anything you have been holding back on, or anything unspoken that needs to be said, then 2017 is the year to do it. A year to clear the decks, to get everything out in the open and to present yourself with a fabulous crystal clear platform on which to base a bright future. Confidence is the key. This fellow struts his stuff with purpose. He plumbs up his feathers, he extends his chest, he holds his head high and he sets forth putting his best foot forwards. Quite simply there is no stopping him.

The fire Rooster has the added advantage of keeping his eye on the money, quite simply he knows how to make it. He has a fire in his belly that is strong and that undoubtedly with enhance his drive and his ambition. This guy is a no money no talk type of guy who will not waste his time on frivoulities but who will get straight to the point and execute that point as quickly as possible.  Quite frankly he takes no prisoners.

If you feel you are lacking in any of these attributes then 2017 is the year to change all that. There is no need to be proud, simply borrow the energy from the generous Rooster who will be only too happy to show off his skills. He likes to do that, he likes to be respected and he likes to be needed. After all, he considers himself boss of the roost and of the farmyard.

This is the general energy that is in the air for 2017. Not everyone will notice it and not everyone will take advantage of it. Not everyone wants their voice to be heard. The Rooster is a leader and not a follower. If you are the type to take responsibility, click here to have a desire to advance your ambitions then this is an opportunity not to be missed. 2017 is a year for the leaders in this world.

To gain a more personal insight and a more detailed view of how you can achieve any of this then contact the Energy Specialist for a personal 2017 month by month forecast. We are now fast approaching the height of spring. Be sure to put a spring in your step. There has never been a better time.

Master Kay Tom                                                                                                                                                                       The Energy Specialist                                                                                                                                                 March 2017

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