Chinese Horoscopes

The Crescent Moon



 From Nothing Comes Everything is illustrated by the moon cycle as from No Moon suddenly the New Moon appears that within 15 days has developed to the fullness of the Full Moon.

The principles of Feng Shui closely follow the moon’s cycle and its direct influence on the energy of each day. Tonight’s New Moon represents the birth of yang and the launch pad of the crescent moon that represents the growth of yang in the first quarter of the moon’s cycle. 

Yin is darkness, Yang is light. Yin is stillness, Yang is action. With the development of the crescent moon situations that have been on the back burner can now start to grow. Caution is needed however not to run before you can walk as this is immature energy that is only just beginning to build its strength. Respect this and any projects launched in the next few days will have the added advantage of the very powerful energy of the moon. 

70% of our Earth is ocean, 70% of the human body is water. The moon controls both the tides and man’s emotions. You know it makes sense to listen to the Wisdom of the Moon.

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