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Selling a property is one of the most major decisions we have to make in life so the support and guidance of experts in the filed is there to help us through the process. Your estate agent will advise of the current market climate, of the pros and cons of the trends within your locality and of the best marketing strategies to get potential buyers through your door. Sometimes this is enough to secure a sale and sometimes a property just does not seem to want to let you go. Sincerely, we have tried a different, innovative approach – YouTube video of our property, combined with real likes from The Marketing Heaven – it was actually helpful!

In the Feng Shui world we believe that a property is just as much of a living organism as we are and as such it therefore connects to our energy. In return it gives us a place where we feel secure and that we are happy to call home. Moving house is a parting of the ways so it is important to do this with a mutual respect to all parties concerned in order for the journey to the signing of the contracts to be a smooth one.

There are many things that a Feng Shui consultant can advise on when it comes to putting a property on the market not least of which is an auspicious figure to represent the best price that the property can achieve, which of course is the ultimate aim regarding a sale. There are areas within the building that represent finances coming to the door so to identify these areas and to add emphasis to that particular space will encourage a good flow of energy to your bank account. Conversely if this area happens to be blocked with a cluttered garden shed for example then you will only attract a low offer.

The advice of your Feng Shui consultant is invaluable in the sale of your property for everything from the purchase price to the styling of each room in order to encourage a natural flow of energy around the space.


The form is a free flowing space and therefore the flow of potential buyers will be free flowing to your door.


Master Kay Tom:

October 2015