Today is a day for enthusiasm as the energy is more positive bringing a very welcome feeling of hope with it. Your endeavours today will come from a stronger heart and will feel more fulfilling as a consequence. This is a day to enjoy.

This change has come quickly and appears to come from nowhere but in fact has been building over the last few days. This feeling is most certainly as a consequence of the thunderclaps that have been clearing the stagnant chi recently and if a sound could be attributed to the feeling it would be one of pleasure. I would liken it to an audience who is appreciative of a performance from the players on stage. 

The message today is to think carefully and plan before taking action. There are happy sounds around that most certainly are more than welcome and as long as you proceed with a careful step the day will be one of fulfilment.

 with best wishes

Mater Kay Tom      www.theenergyspecialist.co.uk  14:04:20