In the cycle of the 12 Animals the Pig sits in the position of number 12 and as such has the responsibility of clearing the decks and sweeping clean the leftovers from the animals of the previous 11 years in order to be ready to hand over to the new cycle and the first animal of that cycle, the Rat in 2020. The Pig takes his role very seriously and will be making his best endeavour to clear any skeletons left in the cupboard and to deal with them.   Bottom line is, there is no hiding place with the pig so the best advice for 2019 is to keep your nose clean and avoid indiscretions and mistruths of any kind if you want to avoid the consequences of such actions. In this regard 2019 is a year of huge responsibility.


The Pig is the leader and the authority in 2019 although he tends to be one to lead from the back making sure no one gets left behind. In this respect he is a true advocate of equality although its best to stay on the right side of him, as his bite can be fierce otherwise. If you respect him and join in his example then the pickings can be rich. There is an expression “its like giving pigs cherries” referring to the Pig’s greed. This actually translates into a character that doesn’t have to think twice when an opportunity presents itself or one who doesn’t procrastinate or dwell on the past but instead grabs the energy of the moment and goes with it. Even if the situation does not materialise into a successful outcome the Pig will still feel satisfied with the fact that he has had a go at it and learned from the experience. The Pig therefore has a heightened awareness of both professional and personal opportunities and a likelihood of throwing caution to the wind and seizing the chance to move forwards when these opportunities present themselves. Without a doubt he is an entrepreneur and will encourage others to join his team and follow his example through his immense enthusiasm for his cause.


The Pig is not afraid to voice his opinion usually in a diplomatic way even if he ruffles a few feathers along the way. He nevertheless sees this in a positive vein in as much as it will all help to clear the air. In fact, he craves comfort and security above all else, which means the Pig energy therefore presents an opportunity to invest in long-term plans and not just to save for the immediate future. In times of need he will have an understanding ear and always have the ability to hear both sides of an argument playing the role of negotiator to a successful resolution. In the UK this offers a ray of hope in the complex Brexit negotiations that have currently bought the country to its knees. The Pig will sort this situation out as the expression “as happy as a pig in muck” means there is nothing he likes better. Ironically Mrs May did well to wait for 2019.



The Rat does understand the energy of the Pig and as such will have the chance to seize rare opportunities in 2019. The only challenge is not to procrastinate as once the opportunity is passed it rarely shows again. This is a year for staying upbeat with a keen eye on your targets as next year the Rat will be taking over as the leading energy of the year 2020. The Rat represents the direction of north, therefore there will be opportunities presenting in this direction. This can be north of your city, county, country or north of the world the world.



The Ox has the major responsibility of stemming the tide through his strength in order to prevent the land flooding. This means he acts as the diplomat to prevent an argumentative situation boiling over.  He is a very dependable character in the Pig’s team but needs to be cautious not to have too much pressure dumped on his shoulders. He is strong and can cope but there are limits and the Ox must set his boundaries in 2019. Setting a strong health regime also needs to be a priority. The Ox represents the direction of North East and indicates excessive pressure that could manifest as earthquakes, landslides or a major tsunami in the NE part of the world, such as Japan. It will be wise to show caution if travelling to this part of the world, especially in January and July. There is potential for ill health in properties on the northeast/ southwest axis so the use of white in décor and bed linen will be valuable.




There is a strong chance in 2019 for the single Tiger to find romance. There is a natural attraction between the Pig and the Tiger. Both are entrepreneurs with mutual interests each bringing quality to the life of the other. More so than any other combination of animals in the Cycle of the 12 animals these two complement each other perfectly. There is therefore mileage in this relationship. For anyone looking for love February is an important month to get out and socialise. Generally, this is a good year for the Tiger. The only Tiger that needs to be cautious in dangerous situations such as walking in narrow dark alleyways in the evening, high places such as cliff tops, busy building sites or participating in dangerous activities such as sky diving, skiing, bungee jumping and dangerous sports is the fire Tiger (born 1986). It is advisable for the fire Tiger to wear a red string around his/her waist for the year, or to wear red socks or underwear for support.



The Rabbit very much understands the energy of the Pig and the two works together very well, each bringing their own areas of expertise to the table and encouraging the other in following through opportunities that are presented to them. In this respect the Rabbit appears to carry a lot of responsibility in 2019 and is very much in demand as the diplomat and negotiator. In fact there is no simple fix to a given situation as this pair rely on the Sheep to help them to see a project through but unfortunately the Sheep is not living up to his usual social skills this year so there could be disappointments. The Rabbit represents the direction of east where there is an indication of the potential for a lack of diplomacy leading to war or fighting in the east.



Everyone loves the Dragon, the magical, mystical animal of the Zodiac and to be sure, the Dragon has skills. More so than any other animal this creature can turn a situation round for the better. To the Pig the Dragon represents the financial markets and money in the bank. However, the Dragon represents the earth element and the Pig the water element, together creating muddy water. This isn’t good as it can represent misdemeanours in both finances and in sexual encounters. Together these two animals will expose any indiscretions, particularly in the month of April. The good news for the Dragon is that his natural seat is in the southeast and this is one of the best locations for 2019 so as long as he stays mindful of his enemies then he cannot be caught off guard.



This most certainly is not a match made in Heaven. The Pig with his love for the open and honest approach to life and the Snake preferring to lie low in the long grass and keep his secrets to himself. There are 3 Snakes that are particularly vulnerable this year, those born in 1953, 1977 and 2013. Just like the fire Tiger these 3 Snakes need to avoid dangerous sports and dark places. The Snake represents the direction of southeast. In general, it is best for the Snake to keep a low profile this year and avoid major decisions in life such as changing jobs, moving to a new house, getting married or making major purchases or investments. Wearing a red string around the waist or red underwear or socks will also help. The Snake’s main ally is the Monkey this year.



The birth chart of the year 2019 is cold and as such in an ideal world needs some fire energy to warm it. The Horse represents this much needed fire energy but unfortunately the Pig isn’t identifying with the offer of help from the Horse so the best policy for the Horse this year is not to waste his energy trying to help those who do not want it. Sometimes we just have to sit back and watch and let another play out their own destiny as at the end of the day its their life and their choice and not for us to impose our own ideals and beliefs on them. The Horse represents the direction of south so 2019 is a year for relaxing and building your strength for people living in properties on the north south axis, as 2020 will be a demanding year.




The sheep belongs to one of the Pig’s key teams and as such holds a major responsibility in holding the energy of key negotiations and strategies that have been instigated by the Pig and the Rabbit working together. The Sheep does have vulnerability in matters of health this year so in order to handle the pressures of the responsibility of his position he must 100% take care of his health with good diet and exercise and plenty of nourishing sleep. It will be wise to make this a priority. The Sheep represents the direction of southwest. It is good to keep this direction calm and relatively inactive affording the sheep the chance to simply keep his head down, do his job well and keep a low profile.



The Monkey is a very outgoing and social animal that doesn’t like to offend and therefore never says no to a party. For this reason it is very easy to overstretch him. He is an entrepreneur with ideas that very much connect to the energy of the Pig so 2019 will see his ambitions taking off. Although the decisions of 2019 are not wrong it may at first appear to be a slow start as in fact the Monkey has a far greater affinity with the Rat of 2020 when things will really start to move. This year the Monkey will gain great satisfaction in helping others less fortunate than himself as he directly teams up with the Snake, the animal against the energy of the Pig, and together turn a difficult situation round. The Monkeys that are particularly vulnerable this year are those born in 1944, 1968, 2004. Wear a red string, socks or underwear. Avoid dangerous situations and sports. The Monkey represents the direction of southwest suggesting vulnerability for properties with a rear or facing direction of southwest.



The Rooster likes to have his say and especially to be the first to say it. His voice is loud and strong thus he is particularly useful when a point needs communicating. He is very solid in his beliefs and in fact does offer support to the Pig, providing he learns a diplomatic approach and avoids becoming overbearing. 2019 is a year when the Rooster needs to learn a discreet approach in order for his voice to be heard.  The Rooster represents the direction of west where the energy is not great in 2019. This can represent the UK as the west of the world suggesting a continued uncertainty on the repercussions of Brexit.




2018 was a demanding year for the Dog as leader of the year. Handing over the reigns of responsibility at the beginning of the New Year is not always a smooth process, particularly for the Dog who is not a great advocate of change. The challenge for the Dog is that he overthinks a situation and worries too much. 2019 takes away the responsibility and presents a year of rest and recuperation. Its best not to take on any major projects or investments this year but to focus on your own status quo and bring back equilibrium to your life and to let sleeping Dogs lie. The Dog represents the direction of northwest, the position of the leaders. The Dog is a natural leader and a tremendous diplomat that identifies to all walks of life. If leadership is vital to your life try to lead from the back in the form of guidance rather than from a dictatorial stance. 2019 is not a good year for the leaders so steer your ship towards calmer waters.




This is the leader of the year and as such commands respect in all matters. He represents the direction of northwest so it is therefore 100% vital that any digging or commencement of construction is not started in the northwest. The northwest is also the natural leadership position further adding to the importance of this area. This location should be kept clean and fresh avoiding heavy objects, waste bins, and clutter, bathrooms and utility rooms. The only Pig that needs to air on the side of caution is the wood Pig, born 1995. Wearing a red string around the waist, red socks or underwear will help the Pig as well as avoiding dangerous sports, high places and dark alley.



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